At PowerfulPoints, we’re in the business of helping you persuade, impress and get results.

That’s not the same as creating a pretty slide deck – any graphic designer can do that.

We’re interested in the objectives of the presentation, its structure, its content and the way you deliver it.

Because those are the things that make a difference.

Those who work closely with us recognise the difference that informed collaboration makes in the design stage.

Our quest is a deep understanding of how humans envision, assimilate and react to information.

And our promise is business results from brilliant presentations, beautifully designed.

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We are corporate presentation specialists.

Our founder, Lee Featherby is a business person, not a graphic designer. It is in the fire of a presentation, not in the safety of a design studio, that you really understand what works and fails in a presentation.

All our graphic artists and multimedia designers must make regular presentations as part of their employment contract. This shows us what visual content supports a speaker's message and what distracts. It reminds us that visual content alone is not the presentation.

PowerfulPoints is run by people with hands-on management experience. We are grounded in sales, marketing, finance and training.

And our promise is business results from brilliant presentations, beautifully designed.

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+ Why Use Us

Because we know what you are going through...

We really love artistic people like graphic artists and multimedia designers. In fact we aim to hire only the best but there is no substitute for speaking experience. It is in the fire of a presentation, not in the safe confines of a design studio, that you really understand what works in a presentation.

All our staff are required to make regular presentations as part of their employment contract. This brings a new level of awareness to our designers about what slide content supports a speaker's message, what distracts from the speaker and what material actually needs slide support.

PowerfulPoints is driven by people whose background is hands on business management and training. We have dealt with the day to day issues of management, training, sales or marketing so we know what you, as a presenter, face in these situations. What this translates to are presentations created to work for the audience and the presenter. Our focus is, and will always be, creating presentations that get results.

+ Research

In June 2006, PowerfulPoints contracted Interactive Opinions to undertake research into audience opinions of slideware presentations and the difference they can make to businesses. We had undertaken extensive investigations prior to this but were unable to come up with any significant research about the problems with poor presentations and the difference high-impact presentations can make.

Extensive investigations prior to this showed that, until now, there had not been any significant research into the problems of poor presentations and the difference that high-impact presentations can make. Research concluded that people want to do business with organisations that create outstanding presentations and that excellent presentation skills are essential for career success.

We design presentations

As with any design process, it works best to create your team at the beginning. You don’t invite the engineer in after you’ve begun the bridge.

However, in the real world of business, compromises are a fact of life and if your starting point is a finished presentation, we’ll advise and tweak to great effect.

We’re flexible on the technology platform; Powerpoint, Keynote, Video, Prezi or butchers’ paper. If in doubt, ask.

And our promise is business results from brilliant presentations, beautifully designed.

Our number is 1300 734 238.

Train your presenters

We’ll change forever their thinking and their performance. Their focus will move from how the template looks to the impact on the audience.

Yes, people will learn useful things about the software, but it’s the shift in intentionality and focus that generates the benefits.

The results? Less time preparing presentations. Shorter meetings. More clarity. Better business outcomes. Our presentation training causes real organizational benefits.

Your teams communicating powerfully to a group – that’s critically important in your future. Make sure you lead in this area.

And our promise is business results from brilliant presentations, beautifully designed.

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"Awesome job! I can’t tell you how excited I am to show the video, you guys did an amazing job!
I will be presenting the video during my trip to Brazil, plus it will be broadcast on our webcast with more than 120 global equipment suppliers, after that it will be posted on our internal website."
Piercarlo Ricossa
Worldwide Director | Restaurant Solutions Group – Equipment
McDonald’s U.S.
"If you really want to reach your audience; drop all your bad habits now and sharpen your presentation skills first with PowerfulPoints."
Germaine Ong
Local Area Marketing | Australia Division
"Since I’ve been working with you I have not lost a pitch… You have raised my awareness, standards and expectations to deliver nothing short of brilliant every time. The standard of your presentations are the best we have ever seen here at CCA and taking me to the top of my game."
Jennifer Lymer
National Business Manager
| Licensed Division
Coca Cola Amatil
"I learnt more today on presentation presenting than any other course I have done previously in public speaking/presentations. I highly recommend all executives that use PowerPoint do this course."
Shayne Quanchi
General Manager
Kids World – Target Australia
"When faced with the task of communicating some very technical information to a technically minded audience, in a user friendly way - we engaged PowerfulPoints to assist us. They developed an integrated presentation which incorporated moving images and audio - which was engaging and easy for users to navigate. PowerfulPoints not only provided a good solution to our problem, but opened our eyes to alternative ways of communicating using PowerPoint."
Renee Williams
Communications Analyst
National Bank Australia
"The one day course gives a great overview on PowerPoint presentations from content, structure to best practice design. Certainly worth a day out of the office!"
Karen Cooke
Corporate Marketing Leader
Flight Centre
"The finished product was amazing - a 6 minute video that can be used in different types of presentations from Global Forums to being viewed online by our 90,000 restaurant staff. They held our hand through the entire process from concept to the final product... I would highly recommend PowerfulPoints to any organisation as one that delivers on what they promise."
Chris Green
Director of Operations
Restaurant Solutions Group
McDonald’s Australia Ltd
"PowerfulPresentations is like no other presentation course. The course is engaging and interactive, and you have the opportunity to work on and customise your own presentations. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to present that “wow” presentation."
Amanda Stapleton
Executive Assistant
CBA – Wealth Risk Management
"…it was the best presentation we had given in over 15 years of business. I would thoroughly recommend using PowerfulPoints if you really want to impress your audience and deliver your message clearly and succinctly."
Sean Hovey
National Account Manager
P&O Trans Australia
"A powerful presentation, full of powerful points! Lee Featherby is a powerhouse of expertise and experience. The session was very helpful and all our participants loved it... we’ll never present the same way again!"
Todd Redwood
ADA (Australian Dental Association)
NSW Centre for Professional Development
"PowerfulPoints did a fantastic job on the presentation of a large workshop for us. They pulled it together in a short period of time & were great at communicating where they were at, as well as being flexible with last minute amendments. We got a lot of comments from the audience on how engaging and professional the presentation was."
Leigh Peters
Resourcing Executive
Lion Nathan National Foods
"The course was EVERYTHING it’s cut out to be! I’d recommend it to anyone who’s interested in PowerPoint presentations."
Nazli Aktac
Marketing Support
Yusen Logistics Australia